Top Ten Things You Don’t Say To Someone Who Has Anxiety

  1. It’s just a phase. Everyone goes through it.
  2. Just get over it.
  3. It’s all in your head.
  4. You’re making a big deal out of nothing.
  5. You worry too much.
  6. Calm down.
  7. Everything is fine.
  8. Have a (alcoholic) drink.
  9. Was it something…

bluespottedtail asked:

Has anyone ever used your anxiety against you? I was once told I wasn't a good friend because my anxiety made me negative, and hearing that destroyed me, just wondering if you've ever experienced anything similar and how you dealt with it.

zoella answered:

All the time. It’s a very easy thing for someone to manipulate you with. I deal with it by completely ignoring them, which tends to wind them up as it hasn’t affected you. Just remember that it’s a real low blow and you should be questioning the relationship you have with that person if they do it often x